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Our Mission

Print Factory is a unique printing company based out of Istanbul, Turkey. We've been in business since 2003, and are known for providing boutique and tailored services to all of our clients around the world. We provide innovative solutions for any printing request we receive, and are a reliable partner in the value chain in Turkey, Europe and the world.

Due to our technical and commercial knowledge, and our thorough understanding of our work and the market, we're the number one printing company in Turkey providing the best services. With our clients, suppliers and our own organization, we create solutions together, make recommendations, bring ideas to the table and defend them in order to constantly improve the processes.

Print Brokers, Publishing Companies or Communication Agencies are our Daily partners from Turkey to Europe. Our production plan and offices are always open to our clients in Istanbul, to serve them the very best that they deserve.

Our Vision

We strive to be a solution partner that provides the highest quality service to all our customers in Turkey and abroad and meets all their expectations with confidence:

  • in the countries we export to and our products
  • with our number of employees ever-growing workforce and our machine park
  • our capacity to follow innovations and international standards.
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Why Choose Us?

Technical Knowledge

With over 30 years of experience in the printing sector, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge in the techniques and processes to provide recommendations to the clients, and advise you with full transparency, emphasizing the trust between our valued customers and ourselves, as trust is the key to success.

Care, Advise and Customer Relationships

For us, it's all about helping you get the results you deserve. We build very strong relationships with our customers, since we know that you rely on our eyes during the production process, and need to have full trust and loyalty in us. We give extreme care to every detail and aspect that goes into each and every project, providing details and feedback to make sure that each product is made to perfection.

Project Management Leaders

Your contacts are leaders. Everything is meticulously collected by the same person and managed through all departments. In this way the value chain is completely mastered and we tend to the 0 mistake.

Meet the Team

Hüseyin Şakar


Cafer Aktaş


Tülin Yurtseven

Area Manager - Germany


Fatma Işık

Turkey Sales Manager


Canberk Altoz

Turkey Sales Representative


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