Compliance & Certificates

ISO 9001

Print Factory has been certified because the company is always improving his quality management system in time, to satisfy in long terms our clients and provide compliant products and services to them.

Print Factory respects the environment and the forests by working with paper suppliers who are also caring about the good management of the wood and ecological system.

CE Norms

Print Factory cares for its clients and the health protection and security of the final users in Europe. If needed for example for a Children certification (EN71.1.2.3), we work-out on making laboratory analysis, to get tests made and reach the European Norms required. We are working as a close partner with the worldwide laboratory Interteks.


Print Factory is respecting the European regulation and cares about the dangers of chemicals products used, made, manufactured, imported into Europe. We improve our process to manage better the risks for health and human security and the effects on the environment.

Vegetable Inks

For any packaging in contact with food or also for project in destination to the children, we prefer and highly recommend to use vegetable inks, to protect the final user, because health is our priority.

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